DIY Care Packages for College Students

Care packages for college students is the rage in dorm and college circles. Besides, who wouldn’t want to receive delicious goodies and well-wishes from family at home? Learn how easy it is for you to put one together one and discover the most single most important tip for packing and mailing it successfully.

DIY Care Packages for College Students - Dial M for Moms

Easy to Assemble Care Packages for College Students

So you’ve decided to put together a your own care package for your college student. It doesn’t have to be over the top but it doesn’t have to be ho hum either.

Instead add a bit of fun and flair to it. It’s as easy as 1, 2, and 3:

1. Make a List

Consider the needs of your son or daughter. Perhaps you’ve already inquired as to their wants and needs and have created a list. This is a great start as it will allow you to see for yourself if you will be packing too much or too little.

Need ideas for sweet treats to include in your care package? Here are two of my favorite picks (one healthy and one not-so):

Nutter Butter Bars with Chocolate Glaze

Homemade Granola

Crafty College Care Package Ideas – Michele Baratta {Video}

2. Decide When and Where Your Package Will Be Sent

Be sure to have the correct address, country code, etc. Are there shipping limitations or regulations that might prohibit certain products from entering the country or state that you will be shipping to?

Oftentimes, there are definite regulations for what can and cannot be shipped between countries and even between states, so be sure to review this information prior to shipping any package with your local post office.

Also, some places that have restrictive food customs that frown on certain items from being shipped. Check ahead to make sure that you don’t send anything unacceptable.

Here’s a great U.S. Postal Service link, if you’re wondering what’s okay and what’s not to send: Postal Explorer 

Consider too if you are shipping your package to a warmer or colder climate. If you are, you will need to make sure to protect and pack accordingly anything that might be adversely affected by extreme temperatures.

Remember chocolate doesn’t do well with shipping in hot summer months. Something to consider especially if the recipient is a chocoholic.

3. Size of Box

It’s difficult I know, but you will have to decide how large a box to send to your child.  Too large of a box with too little items will encourage the shifting of items during transit and might cause breakage. And, too little a box with too much stuff might not allow enough “breathing” room for the contents to be packed properly–again causing breakage.

Be diligent about packing everything nice and tight. Packages that are packed too loosely have a greater chance of breakage.

It’s best to go the middle of the road and use bubble wrap or another packing material to eliminate breakage during transit. Besides, it’s better to have everything wrapped well and arriving at its destination in one piece, rather than the other alternative. Because broken glass and such doesn’t make for a good care package experience.

And, if you run out of packing bubbles, you can always slip in some bags of prepackaged candy and snacks. These are meant to be moved from point A to B, so they’re the perfect buffer in a pinch.

Finally, don’t forget about a card or note. Your child will definitely welcome news from home.

Worried about mailing costs? The U.S. Postal Service offers a flat-rate box fees for shipping. Weight limits apply.

Care Package Filler Ideas

To help you create your own unique care package for your college student, here are with some fun fillers that you might want to include along with the essential foodstuffs:

L.E.D Light Up Flying Disc

flying disc

Koosh Ball

kiosk ball

Pocket Etch A Sketch

etch a sketch

Travel-Size Games

travel simon

Need more ideas? Then check out my handy list of 50 More Great Gift Ideas for Care Packages.

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