Care Package Ideas For College Students

If you have or know of a student who is away from home (especially one who is attending college), then you might want to consider these fun care package ideas for college students.

Show Them You Care – Care Package Ideas for College Students

So you’ve decided to put together a your own care package for a college student. It doesn’t have to be over the top but it doesn’t have to be ho hum either. Instead add a bit of fun and flair to it. It’s as easy as 1, 2, and 3:

1. First, create your own DIY care package with a bit of thought and preparation.

Consider the needs of your recipient. Perhaps you have already inquired as to their wants and needs and have created a list. A list will allow you to see for yourself if you are going to pack too much or too little.

Need ideas for foodstuff to include in your care package? Here are some favorite picks from Dial M for Moms:

Nutter Butter Bars with Chocolate Glaze

Homemade Granola

2. Next consider where your care package will be sent.

Be sure to have the correct address, country code, etc. Are there shipping limitations or regulations that might prohibit certain products from entering a country or state?

Here are some ideas for care packages that you can send to your college student
Here are some ideas for care packages that you can send to your college student

Oftentimes, there are definite regulations for what can and cannot be shipped between countries and even between states, so be sure to review this information prior to shipping any package. Also, some countries have restrictive food customs that negate certain items from being shipped into that country. Check ahead to make sure that you don’t send anything unacceptable.

When in doubt, you can always check out the U.S. Postal Service Link: Postal Explorer for more information.

Be diligent about packing everything nice and tight. Packages that are packed loosely have a greater chance of breakage.

Are you shipping your package to a warmer or colder climate? If you are, you will need to make sure to protect and pack accordingly anything that might be adversely affected by extreme temperatures. I can think of one item, chocolate, that doesn’t do well with shipping in hot summer months. Something to consider especially if the recipient is a chocoholic.

Worried about mailing costs? The U.S. Postal Service offers a flat-rate box for shipping. Weight limits apply.

3. You will also want to think about what size box you will use.

Too large of a box and this will encourage the shifting of items during transit and might cause breakage. Too little a box might not allow enough “breathing” room for the contents to be packed properly–again causing breakage.

And, don’t worry about erring on the cautious side. Use bubble wrap or another packing material to eliminate breakage during transit. It’s better to have everything wrapped well and arriving at its destination in one piece than the other alternative. Broken glass and such doesn’t make for a good care package experience.

Finally, don’t forget to make sure you leave enough room in the box for snacks! Candy, cookies, nuts and snacks are usually included in these packages, but this doesn’t mean you have to stick with the norm.

How about gift cards? They are always wanted and needed. Just keep in mind that if you ship them to a foreign country, make sure that your gift card will be honored in person and over the Internet. And, by all means, make your package personal. Include a special note with your package. Well-wishes are always welcome!

Care Package Ideas List

To help you create your own unique care package for your college student, here are with some fun ideas that you might want to consider. (Affiliate Link)

L.E.D Light Up Flying Disc

Koosh Ball

Pocket Etch A Sketch

Travel-Size Games


Need more ideas? Then check out my handy list of 50 More Great Gift Ideas for Care Packages.

College Care Package Ideas with Flair

Be sure to pack your care package properly.  So what if you don’t have time to pack and send a care package? You’ll be glad to know that there are companies who will be glad to walk you through the process of creating one but without the hassle of creating a care package yourself.

Don’t worry whether you create a DIY care package from an empty box or not. It’s the thought that counts. Just surf the Internet and you will see the endless list of online companies ready and willing to create a “special” care package just for your loved one.

Some might think that utilizing a business [like] that creates care packages might take away the “personal touch.” Not so. In fact, the caveat of these businesses is that they assist senders who may not necessarily have the time to put these packages together or who might not be sure what can or cannot be sent due to increasing stringent shipping requirements.

Truly, the hardest task for you will be to choose the right care package to match your recipient. And, if you wish to add a personal touch to your care package, most if not all businesses who create care packages offer the ability for you to send a greeting along in the box. Just request this service when placing your order.

Here are some already made college-themed care packages for your favorite student. Just click on the image to go directly to each product’s information page or see the whole collection on’s  College Care Package Page.

Exam Cram Care Package™ Everyone knows that exam time is stressful, so send your student something that will keep their energy going and their spirits high.

Healthy College Student Care Package Junk food isn’t necessarily the best way to keep your college student healthy. Why not send a package that is filled with delicious but healthy treats?

High Energy Snack Food Gift Basket College can be stressful and draining, so send your student a care package that includes some high energy alternative snacks.

Get Well Soon Care Package Believe it or not, college students do get the flu and colds, so let them know you care by sending them get well wishes and a care package filled with chicken soup and snacks to bring them back to good health.

As you can see by the selection above, there are so many different types of care packages to choose from and create. In the end, it’s all about the loving thoughts packed tightly in the box that counts!