Be Successful This Year with These 3 Little Power Words

Be Successful This Year with These 3 Little Power Words - Dial M for Moms

This year I would like to suggest one small tweak to your New Year’s Resolutions that will firm up your chances of not only seeing growth in your online marketing but also in your personal life. And, it comes in the form of three very important words–power words, to be exact.

Three Little Power Words That Will Change Your Life This Year

I came across this article in, written by Eric T. Wagner: “Smart Entrepreneurs Don’t make New Year’s Resolutions They Do This Instead.” It struck me that while a person might not necessarily be privy to the Pareto Principle (I had to look this up to see what it was) one might be open instead to the idea of choosing three (3) power words for the year ahead to help them in their personal and business lives.

Power Words for Business versus Personal Power Words

While some might believe that there should be two different sets of power words, one for business and one set for your personal growth and success, it doesn’t have to be.

Business power words help you “sell” your ideas, whether it be in a blog post or a call to action on your site’s landing page. But they also are a great tool in setting up benchmarks to follow in the year ahead.

In either case, you want to choose your words carefully and thoughtfully because what you say and how you say it truly counts in online marketing and sales. And, people will flock to your site, if and only if, your ad or blog copy is convincing and relevant to those actions you want your readers to take.

Power words also play a role in how successful you are in your personal life. It’s all about how you promote yourself and what words you use to describe your own personal “call to action.” So how do you look at yourself and what you want to accomplish? Is it reflective of the same or similar goals you wish for in your business? Or do you separate the two?

Sadly, sometimes we wish for more in our business endeavors and sell ourselves short in our personal lives. Don’t let that happen to you. You are truly worth it and you can be just as successful or more so in your personal life if you change up your thinking and your words.

Choosing Your 3 Power Words

So, what are the 3 power words that I have been referring to? The answer might surprise you. They are different for everyone. But what is true for all is that if you choose well, these three little words could change your life not only this year but in the year(s) ahead.

Let’s get going…

First Power Word

In our haste to get things done, we often lose sight of the journey. We are always looking at the final end. It’s not a negative to want to achieve our goals, as long as you don’t forget that life isn’t about reaching the finish line in as much as how you dealt with the day-to-day events in your life gracefully and lovingly.

So choose your first power word that will inspire you to reach for the stars personally and business-wise on a daily basis. You can’t be expected to stand still and not move forward. Make it an all encompassing one that will envelope all that you want for yourself, your family and friends.

Second Power Word

Next, have you ever found yourself floundering in your business or personally with overload and overwhelm? What I mean is, have you felt that icky feeling when you’ve either taken on too much or accomplished too little, didn’t meet yours or other’s expectations, can’t find the answer or you keep flitting from here to there not nailing down an idea or project?

That’s an awful feeling indeed and one that I am well too familiar with and certainly not alone in experiencing. As human beings, we instinctively feel the need to accomplish either by choice or force. Nevertheless, if you want your life to be prosperous (both monetarily or graced) then your days require some work to be done. But what to do? The trick here is to narrow the field of choices to include only that which you have control over (See Marie Forleo’s Video Below).  Only by weeding out the excess can you really see what is needed to be successful.

So, for your second power word, choose one that will garner action on something you really need to work on. Is it being more focused? How about including more simplicity in your life or business? Is it a project or goal that will help you achieve your dreams. Whatever it is, this word should spur you onward toward actual and determinative growth in your personal life and business.

Third Power Word

And, speaking of growth… Growth isn’t determined by how much we do but by how well we do something. If growth were the be-and-end-all, then the world would be filled with an endless array of workaholics. But that isn’t what will allow you or me the life we want to experience. In fact, my guess is you’d probably find yourself more miserable than not. So the idea is to come up with a word that will help you envision ways to do things better, efficiently, with less work. This, believe me, is actually a more healthful outlook for the New Year ahead than trying to tackle the “Big Kahuna” as I so lovingly say.

So, for your third power word, choose one that will assist you in minimizing your life and/or work load in order to enjoy it to the fullest.

Freedom Is Found in the Power Words You Choose

You’ve probably heard it before, but I will repeat it here: Words are powerful. Not only that, but they may also have several meanings and that is the beauty of this powerful life/business strategy. Further, the words you choose will also be dependent where you are currently in your life, love and business. If you are struggling financially, then your word might be “budget.” But budget might mean first of all to cut back, or to be more selective on personal and/or business transactions, or to get rip-throat, down and dirty and clear out all debt this year on all fronts.

Let’s go for another example. Say, that you are a blogger and you want to increase traffic, while at the same time not cutting your family time and responsibilities short. You might opt for a word like “strategy.” Strategy could mean that you set up steps to increase more traffic, starting with the basics. You might even “strategize” with other bloggers to find out how they’ve achieve their own success or how they manage the day-to-day struggles between their online business and family life. With this information, you too can use the “strategy” concept, wherein you plan out your days, weeks, months, and yes, even years to achieve your goal to increase blog traffic but not at the expense of your family life.

See how powerful these words can be? Now multiply it by 3!3 Power Words - Dial M for Moms

For my three words, I chose: intention, focus, and simplicity. I bet by looking at all three words you can get a good sense for where I am headed this year.

Intention. This year I’m going to make an intentional effort to make decisions that are well-thought out–both in my personal life and in my work as an online writer/blogger. I will make sure that there is a purpose for everything I do. Plus, I will set out plans and make decisions that are deliberate and not done on the fly. For me, intention means placing an emphasis on whatever it is that I will do. It will have meaning and a depth, not just something that will be “here today, gone tomorrow.”

Focus. I will set my sights more on short-term, long-term and now-goals. So whether I am working on a blog post or planning a family gathering, I will stay the course and finish this without jumping to another project.

Or when a phone call with a family member, friend, or business associate comes in, I will be present to them throughout my time with them., remaining “focused” so that I am “present” in the moment with them.

In other words, I will take whatever energy and resources I have and apply it to one task at a time, so that me, living in the moment, becomes the priority and everything else, less so (take that– stress and worry!).

Simplicity. It isn’t just a matter of “cleaning house,” so to speak, as much as looking at life with a clarity of direction. Not everything has to be “bigger and better,” because sometimes bigger is too overwhelming and will actually detract from the beauty of whatever I’m working on or with. I will, however, pare down my responsibilities to what is important and leaving the extemporaneous tasks behind or on a “I will do this later–if–and, I mean–if–I have enough time.” Along with this, I will also cross off my list those things that I no longer or never had control of. Doing so will free my mind and spirit to do those things I truly have control over and I love to do.

Video: Marie Forleo and How to Overcome Overwhelm

Now It is Your Turn

In the first few weeks of doing this, I have seen tremendous growth and achievement. I even have a better outlook on the months and year ahead–in both my personal and business life–now that’s saying something. Yes, I had to get rid of a bunch of “stuff,” but what was left was and is in my control to change and deliver, to live, share and love, and I no longer feel powerless but empowered to go forth and shoot for the stars.

Now what will you do? Answer the question below in the Comments section and let me know what words you have chosen. Let’s share!

I Recommend These Books to Help You Achieve Your Goals This Year

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