8 Great New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

You don’t have to leave home to get the same feeling of Time Square or a fancy hotel with these super 8 New Year’s Eve party ideas. Check out these sensational tips and ideas for hosting your own glamours New Year’s Eve Party.

New Years Eve Party Ideas - Dial M for Moms

New Year’s Eve Party Ideas Full of Glitter and Glam

If you’ve ever been to a number of swanky New Year’s Eve parties, you know that it doesn’t matter where the party is staged, whether in a fancy hotel or in a friend’s home, the success or failure of the party had to do with the party set-up, decorations and food.

So now the shoe’s on the other foot and you’re hosting the “big gig.” Well, it’s not as difficult as it sounds.

In fact, hosting your own New Year’s party will be a breeze with these fun and fabulous products and tips:  

1. Glamwear

If you want to bring the New Year in on a high note, I suggest glamming it up. I love these tops because you can dress them up or down, you can add a shrug, a glitzy shawl or even a fancy jacket. They are also perfect paired with black dress slacks or even a short or formal length skirt. I’ve even seen like tops worn with sequined leggings!

A. Metallic Sequined Sweater - Dial M for MomsB. Purple and Silver Sequined Halter Top - Dial M for Moms C. Chiffon Sequined Top - Dial M for Moms

A. Metallic Sequined Sweater   | B. Purple and Silver Sequined Halter  | C. Chiffon Sequin Top

2. Head Gear

I don’t know about you but New Year’s Eve isn’t complete without a side table filled with the requisite hats and head gear, horns and streamers. Or better yet, get a variety of noisemakers and let  your neighbors know that this upcoming year will be the best ever!

Top Hats and Tiaras New Year's Party Set - Dial M for Moms

Top Hats and Tiaras New Year’s Party Set


bejeweled tiaralight up tiara

Bejeweled Tiara | Light Up Tiara |

3. Mixology

When I host a party, I always include both alcohol and non-alcohol drinks for my guests. I try to have at least one cocktail that can be used either way, so that my guests can make an informed choice whether to include alcohol or not. And besides, drinks without alcohol can be shaken, not stirred in the same rousing way as one with alcohol. It’s all in the wrist movement. And with a cocktail set like the one below, you can’t go wrong. So, do you like your drinks? On the rocks?

Boston Cocktail Shaker Gift Set - Dial M for Moms

Boston Cocktail Shaker Set

4. Glassware

Dress up your drink station with these gold banded beauties. Whether you prefer champaign, sparking ale or even sparking soda, you’ll feel like a million dollars drinking out of these.

Gold Brocade Wine-Champaign Glasses - Dial M for Moms

Gold Brocade Wine/Champaign Glasses

5. Partyware

If you want your party to scream “Rockefeller” but don’t want to fork out a $100 a plate, then these heavy-duty plastic plates are the perfect substitution. Just make sure that no one tries to walk out with theirs. In fact, these plates are reusable (i.e., washable)–now that is ritzy-frugal, if you ask me.

Princess Gold Dinner Plates - Dial M for Moms

Princess Gold Dinner Plates

6. Music

One thing your New Year’s Eve party cannot be without and that is music. I chose the soundtrack to the motion picture, New Year’s Eve. It has all the standards that you’ve come to know and love to ring midnight in style, like “Auld Lang Syne,” as well as a few new hip-hop tunes that will have your guest dancing up a storm. Do I hear party?

New Year's Eve Movie Soundtrack - Dial M for Moms

New Year’s Eve Movie Soundtrack

7. New Year’s Eve Flicks (Movies)

There’s the other side of New Year’s–when romance seems to take front stage. After all, it is perfectly acceptable to give kisses (er, Hershey Kisses, that is) at midnight. Or, better yet take in a romantic flick that will have you and your sweetie swooning.

New Year's Eve Movie (2011) - Dial M for Moms     Giant Hershey's Kiss - Dial M for Moms

New Year’s Eve (2011)                 Hershey’s Kisses Large Bag

8. New Year’s Eve Food

You can offer sit-down service, or better yet, make it easy-breezy and create a New Year’s Eve buffet. Offer a wide selection of different finger foods and crudités. Even a decked out cheese board is worthy of celebration. Not up for that? Then pare it down with a cheese board, replete with fresh baked breads and a variety of Italian sausages and olives.

Need more New Year’s Eve Party Ideas?

Fabulous Fondues

How easy is this? Self-serve and oh so easy! Set out whole and chunked fruit, pound cake, miniature brownies, and marshmallows for a decadently, delicious sugar rush that will be flowing into the wee hours of the morning.

Nostalgia Stainless Steel Chocolate Fondue - Dial M for Moms

Chocolate Fondue

Sophisticated Salad Bars

Fruit, pasta, or even lettuce salads are perfect for New Year’s Eve parties. You can offer a number of cut up vegetables and meats, so that guests can make their own salad.

Or simpler still, make the salads up ahead of time but serve them in a fun way–like this pictured tiered serving platform. Either way, just make sure that you allow your guests to put their own dressing on the lettuce salads, because otherwise, the lettuce will become limp and lifeless–something you definitely don’t want happening at your party.

Bi-level Serving Platter - Dial M for Moms

Bi-level Serving Platter

Bold Appetizers

Be bold this year by offering a variety of finger foods. However, don’t forget the cream cheese dips, carrots and celery and chips. Giving guests a choice between healthy and, dare I say it, not so healthy options, keeps the night swinging. And, if you are adventurous, why not give these goodies a try:

Cheese Ball Bites from FiveHeartHome.com

Mini Cheese Ball Bites

Yummy Luau Ribs from The Midnight Baker (bakeatmidnight.com)

Yummy Luau Ribs

Cheddar and Bacon Loaf from Better Homes and Gardens

Warm & Cheesy Appetizers-BHG

Easy Cucumber Tomato Bites from KarasPartyIdeas.com

Easy Cucumber Tomato Bites-Karas Party Ideas

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