6 Ways to Deepen Your Faith

Surprisingly, faith is caught, not taught. Perhaps that is why so many Catholics and Christians find it difficult to deepen their faith. But it doesn’t have to be so. Here are six profound ways you can deepen your faith and live it out today.

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How to Deepen Your Faith

Did you know that in order to deepen one’s faith, it takes both an active living out of one’s faith, as well as a belief that God works in and through you to further and deepen your faith? Well, it does.

Even so, if you are willing to take the first step, you’ll find solace in these six tips to living a faith-filled life:

1. Understand that God works in and through you.

It is said that you are the instrument through which God breathes life into and makes the most beautiful music. Everyone, including you, have been given charisms or gifts and your faith deepens when you unite yourself with the great Instrumentalist, God.

He wishes to be a part of your life, if only you allow Him. Then your life and faith will deepen as you contemplate ways to be kinder, more loving and more free with your time, talents and treasures.

2. Prayer is key to deepening your faith.

Forget all the semantics, prayer in it’s simplest form is a two-way conversation between you and God.

God speaks to you through His Word and others, and you respond in kind. You can also do this by adoring Him, or thanking Him for all that you have, asking for His intercession for your special needs and most of all loving Him because He is your Creator and Father.

Moreover, prayer, is also a way to get to know God. He can work through His Word in Holy Scripture or when you read spiritual authors like Pope John Paul II or even the saints like St. Thomas Aquinas or St. Therese of Avila.

He can even speak to your heart’s hopes and dreams in formal or informal prayer. Or, even uttering the name above all names, Jesus, is very powerful.

Some have found when they spend time before the Blessed Sacrament that this is a venue that draws them closer to understanding the Passion, Mercy and Love of Jesus. It is in these moments of quiet and solitude that we will find that God “whispers” His love for you, drawing you ever deeper into understanding the Triune God, thus deepening your faith.

3. Model how important faith is in your life by sharing with others.

St. Francis of Assisi was excellent at sharing his love of God and his deep faith by how he approached each person. He treated each person in a gentle and considerate way, just as if he were ministering to Jesus himself.

You too can share your faith and love for one another. If you believe that God is in everyone, then you can be open to the gifts and talents of your neighbors. And, in a special way, as you share your faith with one another, your faith will increase and deepen even more.

4. Be an active participant in the sacraments, especially at Mass.

The sacramental life of the Church is rich indeed, especially if you are open the gifts and grace offered by God to all who participate with an open heart. Listen to the words of the Liturgy and the Readings and Gospel. Within the Living Word of God, you too will find the Way, the Truth and the Life that Jesus spoke about over 2,000 years ago.

5. Direct others to further their own faith and love of God.

There are many ways that you can direct others to further their own faith. One quick and easy way is to share with them this helpful website: C4: Ignite Your Catholic Faith. C4 was started through the Archdiocese of Milwaukee as a way to instruct Catholics and non-Catholics alike through a short video format explanations how to live out their faith.

6. Live this way everyday!

It isn’t enough to say you have faith, but you need to express your love for God and man each and every day. Then and only then, will your faith be visible in the decisions you make, to the media or television programs you watch or participate in, to even how much quality time you spend with those you love.

Faith is deepened when we love unconditionally and by making this lifestyle choice daily. The beauty of living one’s faith daily is that eventually it will become a habit in no time.

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